Electrophysiology: A Grounded Circuit


Humans are electrical beings. It’s not a secret. If you’ve ever had an x-ray, MRI, EEG, EKG, or PET scan for medical reasons you know this. These technologies allow doctors to make measurements of the electrical phenomena in the body for diagnostic purposes. These machines take images of the charged particles in tissues or record the pattern of electromagnetic waves coming from the brain or heart. Regardless of advancements in diagnostic technologies that capitalize on the electromagnetic body, the collective consciousness still regards the human body as primarily chemical. However, no chemical reactions can occur without the proper electric potentials. The electrical frequencies of the body are designed to be entrained with the forces of our environment. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle insulates us from resonating with these frequencies. “Earthing” or “Grounding” in a broad sense is the act of detaching from our insulated lifestyle and reconnecting with the natural environment. In a practical sense it’s taking off your shoes an connecting, barefoot, to the earth.

What is Grounding?

The earth is negatively charged. The surface of the earth and the ionosphere form a battery in which the ionosphere is positively charged and the ground is negative. A lighting strike is a discharge of electrical voltage when the potential of the two poles becomes powerful enough. The surface of the earth has an endless supply of free electrons. Remember that wherever there are charged particles in motion, a magnetic field is generated. Therefore the earth has both electric and magnetic forces at play. The electrical potential between the earth and the ionosphere has a resonance called the Schumann resonance frequency, which is the fundamental geomagnetic force of the planet. At night, when solar radiation no longer acts on the ionosphere and the electrical tension dissipates, the magnetic resonance of the earth actually increases due to the geothermal movement of tectonic plates.  Humans where connected to these frequencies at every point in our evolution by the conductive surfaces of our skin. Our hands and feet are actually the most conductive because of the density of sweat glands in these areas. This allows the fluid of our body to conduct more electricity. Organisms can use what is known as the Inverse Hall Spin Effect to convert magnetism into electricity in the body. Anytime you have two conductive materials and they make contact, such as your bare feet on the ground, electrons will flow from the place of higher electron density to the place of lower electron density and thus the objects will equalize. This is what happens when we ground ourselves to the earth and also what happens when you charge your phone. Our bodies are conductive like any electrical appliance, and are charged by the native electromagnetic frequencies of the planet. Unfortunately, when we wear rubber soled shoes we are completely insulated from this effect. (R)


How Does Grounding Effect Human Physiology?

Electrical Coherence

The simple answer is that being grounded improves the electrical coherence of the body. What does this mean? In simple terms, when the body is fully charged with free electrons it can receive, process, and direct energy in the most efficient way possible. Think of the body as a superconducting antenna, and our environmental signals as a radio frequency. When our body is electrically coherent, these frequencies come in loud and clear. The energetic information of our surroundings becomes easier for our biology to translate. This happens because electromagnetic frequencies only interact with the charged particles in our bodies. Einstein’s photoelectric effect states that photons can only interact with electrons. When we increase the density of free electrons in our body via connection to earth, our tissues become more receptive to the electromagnetic and electromechanical frequencies of our environment, namely light, sound, and vibration. (R)


Free electrons act as antioxidants and combat inflammation in the body.(R) Many people focus on eating antioxidant rich foods but neglect the fact that the most powerful antioxidant is right beneath their feet. Inflammation or “oxidative stress” has a similar effect on biological tissues that fire has on kindling. “Reactive Oxygen Species” are positively charged molecules created by the mitochondria with unpaired electrons thus making them highly reactive. These molecules have the ability to destroy pathogens, cellular membranes and DNA strands. They are like bullets for the immune system. These molecules are neutralized by free electrons. Also, an increased electron flow on the inner mitochondrial membrane dampens inflammation by inhibiting the formation of free radicals in Fenton reactions.(R) An abundance of free electrons from grounding quenches inflammation both by improving mitochondrial respiration and by neutralizing free radicals that have already been formed.

Circadian Entrainment

Perhaps the most famously electromagnetic aspect of our body is our nervous system, which I hinted to earlier. Our brain and our heart operate with measurable electromagnetic waves that correlate with conscious states of being that can be measured by electroencephalograms or electrocardiograms. In fact, the magnetic field of the human heart has been measured up to 22 feet away from the chest. Doctors attach electrodes to these areas and can make diagnostic measurements depending on the condition of a patient. Types of brain waves include delta waves (.5 to 3 hz), theta waves (3 to 8hz), alpha waves (8 to 12 hz) beta waves (12 to 38 hz), and gamma waves (38 to 42hz) each corresponding to a different mental state. It turns out that the Schumann Resonance of the earth aligns with the Theta wave (7.83 hz) and that when people are grounded their brainwaves normalize and Theta becomes dominant. Theta is associated with deep meditative states, trance, and intuition.(R) Our nervous system becomes entrained to the energetic information of the environment when we are connected to it, and the electromagnetic footprint of both our brain and our heart are modulated. The vagus nerve, heart rate variability, and other aspects of the autonomic nervous system are also improved by grounding. This means that our biological circadian rhythm just influenced by light, but also by our magnetic environment.


Professor Pollack has shown that the negative charge of the earth builds EZ water, which suggests that grounding yourself and accumulating electrons and negative charge will structure the water in your body. Seeing as your body is 99% water at the cellular level, this is a powerful mechanism. (R)


Blood Viscosity

This is essentially a measurement of how “sticky” the blood is. The more viscous your blood becomes, the more likely it is to clot. It has been found that grounded subjects have less viscous blood that flows through capillaries better (R)(R), this allows for improved oxygenation and reduced risk of cardiovascular complications. Red blood cells have what is called a “zeta potential” that is a negatively charged. When we are grounded, the negative zeta potential of RBCs increases and they repel each other, leading to less clumping.

Energy Conduction

When grounded, several measurements of our tissue conductivity improve. Conductivity is a measurement of a material’s ability to harness and distribute energy. With an abundance of electrons, our tissues become more hydrophilic and conductive, making them more receptive to light, sound, and vibration. We can harness these frequencies and put them to biologic work.(R) This manifests in amplified energy flow through the meridians, a strengthened biofield measured by gas discharge visualization, and healthy electric potential along cell membranes.(R)



Our bodies are designed to be superconductors. We are meant to receive and resonate with the electromagnetic frequencies of our natural environment and utilize this energetic information to construct life. Modern habits insulate us from these frequencies. When we connect the skin of our bodies to the skin of the earth, we see measurable improvements in energy, nervous system function, and vibrational coherence. Explore the hidden potential in your relationship to the planet.

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